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Brenda Seles

CAPP 2019 dental year will prove for a 14th consecutive edition that dentistry is transforming with a speed increasing trend towards digitalization. Digital dental impressions, digital oral scanners, digital dental prosthodontic, digital imaging systems, digital smile design, digital orthodontics, digital treatment planning, materials for CAD/CAM systems, the list of digital dentistry procedures, techniques and materials is never-ending.

The 14th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference & Exhibition 2019, 12-13 April will be covered over two days of continuous dental education featuring Digital Dental Conference, Dental Technicians International Meeting, Digital Orthodontics Symposium, CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Exhibition, multiple disciplinary hands-on training courses in the same field, Poster Presentations and on-the-spot training zones at the exhibition.

Global AI Conference
Shayaz Ali

Artificial Intelligence is an emerging field that allows businesses to effectively mine historical data and better understand consumer behavior. This type of approach is critical for any business to successfully launch its products and better serve its existing markets.


You get to meet technical experts, Senior, VC and C-level executives from leading innovators in the AI space (Executives from startups to large corporations will be at the conference.)

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South Africa’s first Digital Dentistry Society Conference
Vijay Shah

Presenting an excellent mix of local and international faculty speakers, the conference covers the digital revolution in various aspects of dentistry including:

  • Dr. Simon Chard (UK) – Digital workflows in modern cosmetic dentistry

  • Dr. Simon Chard (UK) – RAW: The art & science of dental macro photography & video

  • Dr. Mark Bowes – Trends in restorative dentistry

  • Dr. Riaan Wolfaardt – Implant dentistry innovation

Jenny Moore

A biannual meeting of science and friendship between clinicians and researchers from Italy and Israel


Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte

Piazza G. Puccini, 1


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